Why Roanoke

Why did we start a new church in Roanoke in 2021?

Spiritual Climate

While there are some vibrant churches in Roanoke, Virginia, the decline of established denominations and declining rates of Christians, in general, define Roanoke’s spiritual climate, according to the statistics. 

A majority of the population claims no religious affiliation, and one study claims that 71% of the population are unreached with the gospel. Unreached here means that, while they have some access to the gospel, they have yet to hear the true gospel message of the Bible shared with them by someone else.

Drop in Evangelical Christians over 10 years
Population that claims no religious affiliation
Population unreached with the gospel

This is a prime time to plant new churches in Roanoke who can mobilize the next generation of Christians to live on mission.

Higher Education

Those in higher education are the major unreached people group in Roanoke, and the largest cultural influencers.

In a 60-mile radius, there are 21 institutions of higher learning (including Virginia Tech and Liberty), representing over 100,000 students.

There are at least 6 institutions in Roanoke, representing over 15,000 students.

  1. Virginia Tech Carilion School of Medicine and Research Institute
  2. Virginia Tech Roanoke Higher Education Center
  3. Hollins University
  4. Roanoke College
  5. Radford University Carilion 
  6. Virginia Western Community College

Culture Hub

Multiple institutions create culture in our society, like arts and entertainment, education, medicine, family, and churches. They usually converge in a central geographic hub. Roanoke is that hub, as the largest city in western Virginia.

Regional Population of The Roanoke Valley
0 +
  • Center of arts, entertainment, and culture
  • Over 7,000 refugees have settled in Roanoke over the last 40 years
  • Center for medical research and care; yet 9-10 children aborted there weekly
  • One of the top 100 places to raise a family in U.S.; yet 1 in 4 children live in a single parent home, 1 in 5 marriages end in divorce (double the national average), and 1 in 9 marriages were same-sex in 2015 (highest in Virginia)

Racial Diversity

Whether it’s fighting for justice in matters of racial equality, or ensuring refugees are welcomed into the community and set up for future success, Christians have a biblical responsibility to serve their neighbors. Galatians 3:28 compels us to love and unite people of all ethnicities and cultures under one banner: the gospel of Jesus Christ.

Ethnicities In Roanoke:

*2017 Stats Shown Below

Why We Came

This is why we came to Roanoke! We hope to be a church in the city for the city. And with the harvest so plentiful, we’re praying God uses us, and other churches in Roanoke, to lead this restless culture to the redeeming Savior.

Visit Roanoke!

Roanoke, Virginia, is a beautiful city set in the mountains of Southwest Virginia. It’s the largest city in the western half of the state, and is central to over 100,000 higher education students, including the student populations at Virginia Tech University and Liberty University. It’s an extremely strategic city for transforming the culture of the state, the nation, and the world. Check out visitroanokeva.com to learn more!

Why Roanoke
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