Multiplying leaders

At Redemption Church, our Residency program exists to train, equip, and send ministry leaders to lead a restless culture to the redeeming Savior. Over the course of two years, you will gain the experience and skills needed to do effective ministry in an ever-changing world. 

*Application Opens: November 1st, 2024

1. Train

You’ll gain valuable ministry experience as you work full time on staff at Redemption Church. 

We’ll work with each resident to place them in a ministry position that best fits their passions and skills. In a smaller, start-up church like ours, you’ll get direct leadership opportunities you may not have in a larger church context! You’ll be given key responsibilities in a ministry (or ministries) that will not only train you for future leadership, but also impact God’s mission in a meaningful way now.

2. Equip

You’ll earn your free masters degree in Christian ministry within two years with other residents. 

We want to equip you with the theological education you need for life and ministry. We’re committed to covering the tuition for each resident’s Master of Arts in Christian Ministry through Southeastern Baptist Theological Seminary’s extension learning center at Mercy Hill Church in Greensboro, NC (our sending church). The program is a cohort-style learning environment which meets both in-person and online. You’ll meet and build relationships with other ministry residents from like-minded churches.

Churches in Roanoke VA

3. Send

Live on mission here, or wherever God sends you. We hope you’ll consider church planting as the next step. 

While we would love to keep all our residents around, we have a desire to see leaders sent out on mission from the local church. Jesus has commanded his church to be his witnesses to the very ends of the Earth (Acts 1:8). In order to live out Acts 1:8 and the Great Commission (Matthew 28:19-20) we must unleash highly capable ministry leaders, missionaries, and church planters.

Application Timeline

November 1

Application Opens

January 31

Application Deadline

March 1

Acceptance Decisions

April 1

Fundraising Training

August 1

Residency Begins

August 26

Seminary Classes Begin

April 1

Fundraising Training

August 1

Residency Begins

August 26

Masters Classes Begin

More Details

We’re looking for women and men who are hungry for God to use them in his mission. Applicants must be 100% committed to the mission, vision, and DNA of Redemption Church through membership. Whether you end up in vocational ministry after the two years, or not, the residency will train and equip you to be a leader in the local church.

Yes, our residency is fully-support raised. This means each resident is responsible for raising their own salary for two years. However, we take the fear out of fund-raising by partnering with an organization that trains and coaches you through it. With the best tools and resources at your disposal, support raising will be an excellent training ground for future opportunities like planting a church.

Not at this time. However, we will work with residents who need housing to help them find a safe, affordable option.

Our residency program is two years to both develop ministry competencies, as well as earn the masters degree.

We offer a single-track Master of Arts in Christian Ministry in partnership with Southeastern Baptist Theological Seminary. This degree program is 49 credit hours and spans two full years. It includes fall, spring, and summer sessions and consists of classes both in-person and online.

Residents are not guaranteed a job at Redemption Church upon completing their residency. Our main goal is not to keep our residents, but to send them out to make, shape, and multiply disciples in other contexts. This residency is part of our sending pipeline.

  1. Start by filling out the interest form on this page.
  2. A pastor will contact you for a conversation.
  3. The next step would be to fill out our formal application online, should the pastor invite you to do so, followed by an interview.

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