Parent Commissioning



Next Event:

Mother's Day Weekend 2025

Our next Parent Commission event will take place on Mother’s Day weekend 2025. Registration will open closer to the event.

Why Parent Commissioning?

We believe that God has called parents to be the primary disciple-makers in their home. Parent Commissioning is the first step of our church partnering with parents to raise up their kids to follow after Jesus. 

Whether you are a new parent through adoption, or birth, or a parent that’s newer to our church, we desire to partner with you to raise your kids to follow Jesus! Through this event, we want to celebrate the blessing of children, explain to parents the important role they play in making disciples of their kids from the Bible, and offer tools for the journey.

The goal of Parent Commissioning is to begin a partnership between the church and home.

Parent Commissioning takes place on Mother’s Day weekend each year and is really a two-part event. First, we have a family brunch on Saturday morning before Mother’s Day, provided by our church. At the brunch, you will hear from one of our pastors about the role parents play in their child’s spiritual development and how we, as a church, desire to partner with you along the way. You will also receive resources to get you started in discipling your kids at home. 

The second part takes place on Sunday as you and your children are asked to come up to the stage at the end of the service to be prayed over by our church, as we commission you to disciple your children. We pray this event will be a starting point and milestone of your commitment to lead your kids to Jesus!

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