Are you ready to multiply?

Multiplication is disciples making disciples. It’s centered on the gospel that saves and transforms, and it’s fueled by the generosity of God’s people. The mission at Redemption Church will only go as far as our church’s generosity will take it. So, every December we push ourselves to live generously for the sake of the mission by giving to the Multiply Offering. Will you give toward multiplication with us?

Our Goal for December 2023 is…

$ 0

2024 Ministry Lanes

Give 10% Away:

We want to give away 10% of our Multiply Offering in 2024. This is the principle of giving our “first-fruits.” It’s the first and the best we have. We will divide up that 10% for a few missional organizations who do gospel-centered work in our city and across the world. We will share more details in the coming months about where we’ll invest this money for the mission!

Strategic new Location:

Because of the increased cost of a new meeting location, we want to put the majority of what we raise toward this. Buildings are just tools, but some tools are better than others to accomplish God’s mission! More seats will directly impact our capacity for more salvations and more sending

Consider how many more people might be reached with a better meeting space… More kids and students being baptized. More young professionals giving their life to Jesus and being mobilized in their workplaces for the mission. More families plugging into our church and being equipped for the mission in their schools and neighborhoods.

We’re excited to share that we’re currently in the process of leasing the building next to our mobile meeting space! We believe 608 Campbell Ave. SW will be our permanent church home! It will be a shared space, but we will lease approximately 16,000 sq.ft., including the spaces you see in the pictures below. You’ll notice that each interior space needs renovation. We want to make this space as hospitable as it can be! Let’s live with open hands this December and see what God will do in and through us!

Exterior From Campbell Ave.
Future Worship Space
Future Lobby & Main Entrance
Future Kids/Flex & Office Space

Generosity Avenues

Give Time:

Commit your time to worshiping God, and to building relationships in community with other believers throughout the week in community and DNA groups.

Give Talent:

Serve in your area of giftedness. Whether it’s serving our city, or serving our church, God has gifted you with certain talents and skills for the sake of his mission.

Give Treasure:

God has given you resources to bless others. If you’ve never given, now is the time to start. If you’re already giving, let 10% be the floor, not the ceiling.

In December of 2022 we raised…

$ 0

For our 2023 Ministry Lanes

Fuel The Next Generation:

In 2023, we focused primarily on making Redemption Kids and Foundations for Students the best they can be at this stage in our growth (as a 2 year old church). That meant hiring two part-time positions to grow our ministries. It also meant more resources toward events and enhancing our current meeting space for kids as much as possible. Our goal is to continue to come alongside families, helping parents lead their kids and students to follow Jesus, shape them into the image of Jesus, and send them out for the glory of Jesus! We’re excited to continue growing in a new, permanent location!

Create A Sending Pipeline:

We came to Roanoke hoping to impact college students. We believe a residency program will do that. So in 2023, we got our ministry residency up and running with our first ever resident! We want to continue giving college and graduate students two years of hands-on ministry experience, as well as a chance to earn a masters degree in theological studies. Whether they go back into the secular workforce afterward, or they continue in ministry, these are leaders we can send out for the sake of the mission.

Move to A Strategic new Location:

Because of the cost of a new meeting location, we only began exploring our options in 2023. We’re taking big steps in 2024!

Victoria's Story

Victoria was a member of our launch team at Redemption Church. She met Jesus at the Summit Church in RDU, then plugged in at Mercy Hill in Greensboro, only to feel called by God to help start a new church in Roanoke, VA! Now she’s not only giving of her finances generously, but she’s giving her life to foster care, advocating for families who often have no one on their side. Victoria’s story is truly a model for giving time, talent, and treasure to multiply!

Katie & Matt's Story

Matt and Katie are leaders at Redemption Church who want to see God change the people around them. When Matt got a job in Roanoke, he prayed to meet someone like him who he could share the gospel with and encourage, and he met Michael almost right away! God deserves the glory for this story in both families’ lives. Are you ready to see this story reproduced over and over and over again at Redemption Church?

Amy & Chris's Story

The Thompsons are pumped about our Multiply ministry lanes and they’re excited to give. The mission has invested in them through transforming their lives and their family. Now they invest back in the mission because of the incredible joy and blessing they get when they see God changing others, as well.

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